IIEFF Closing Party with Die! Goldstein Live Cinema Performance

Right after the closing ceremony of Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Die Goldstein! executed a live cinema performance with cinematic sounds and images; where the human being and the consequences of these situations are reflected in a painful and a hopeful manner. Afterwards, in continuation to share his music in an excitement, which is driven from his own world with future cinematic, experimental and old school textures Karakter took the stage. Later on, Bora Başkan a.k.a Ventochild, who is an illustrator, academician and a producer and one of the founders of an Istanbul based record label Tektosag, performed a selection of the pieces that has been released from Tektosag so far. In the closing set, Braderin has ended the first year of IIEFF with his juke-weighted set with a high energy as usual.

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