10.5.2024 | Friday | Salt Galata | 17:30
Damnatio Memoriae
Thunska Pansittivorakul 
108' | 2023 | Digital 

This documentary, composed of various video clips and footage, is an exploration to search for some missing jigsaw pieces in history. Something that turned someone into a hero, or an absolute jerk. Some things are hidden under the carpet, from Hiroshima to Teresa Teng to the Space Race, an Olympic and the moon.
Some things have been tricked. In the commonly known narratives, there are secrets hidden between the lines that no one has ever seen. What’s repeated every single day by human beings is killing each other. Although they become sad and miserable for it, they never stop killing each other, not even for a single day. ‘War is over’ is just another propaganda. Killing never stops; it continues and escalates callously.

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