First Experiments 
9.5.2024 | Thursday | Salt Galata | 16:30
A Disordered Dictionary
Zhouyi Ye
9'  39'' | 2023 | Digital, Super8
United States
A Disordered Dictionary portrays a young woman's journey as she struggles to escape from a system represented by an anonymous male voice while confined to a small room. She constructs her own language system with her dictionary from her distressing experiences.
Anthology Of Nine Souls On Their Way To DeathPenelope Zouganeli, Giuseppe Circelli
10' 51'' | 2022 | Digital

Andy the night watch was the cemetery gate keeper in Spoon river. He was overseeing the burial of all Spoon river residents. He was the silent observer of life in the small town, knowing everyone and their lives. He could see the good and bad, usually as they were intermixed after death. Having been given a final say following their passing, the bodies have a different story of their lies, cheating, corruption and neglect and Andy is shedding light to the underlying truth of the events.
Foundations of the Work of the Sun
Jakub Štourač, Anna Luňáková
14' 09'' | 2023 | 35mm, Digital 
Czech Republic
The Foundations of the Work of the Sun (2023) is a short film-poem consisting of interconnecting “micro-essays” that collectively constitute a “fictional documentary” about the work of the sun. Inspired by (among other things) G.W. Leibniz’s theory of a pre-established harmony and his contributions to the science of optics, the film reflects on how the camera “translates” sunlight into intelligible images and how a photograph might be understood as the visual document of an embodied perspective. Based on a poetic sound composition, each story in the film touches on themes of labor, exhaustion, and utopianism. One chapter alludes to Andrei Platonov’s The Foundation Pit (1968), while another follows the story of a worker whose life is recorded in photograms, snapshots, and prints. Taken together, these “micro-essays” address the question: How to think collectively through the individual?
Holy Blood
Jonathan Rochier

4' 58'' | 2023  

The crowd can be seen as a sum of individualities but also as an autonomous acting power with its own logic and structure. Holy Blood is an organic, social, and sensitive experience of a mass of pins, its behavior crosses the three modalities: community, communitarianism, communion.
Here Are Some Images
Altay Erlik

2' 12'' | 2023 | Digital
Micro Battles is an experimental ant movie shot with a macro lens and dubbed with an oscillator. It shows the brutal struggle of a group of ants against a spider that attacks them. Realizing the danger, the ants are too late to warn the colony. The spider's first move is to trap three ants from the colony in its web. Among these three, one narcissistic ant prefers to save only herself, causing the other two ants to be drawn towards the center of the web. Even though they try with all their might to get out of the net, they will experience all the processes that happen to another ant caught in the net. After struggling in a glittering cocoon, they will not be able to escape being eaten by the spider. Their dead fetal bodies slowly disappear among the macro life of the ant colonies.
On My Way Home

4' 31'' | 2022 

On the way back home, we’re always accelerating. The night becomes the day, and the stars people see above, remain as they were before. It is said that in the experiments held at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the protons only exist for a billionth of a second. They travel at approximately the speed of light, but can’t go any faster than that. The protons inside the collider feel life going by a lot slower that we do. The protons can feel the vibrations as if they were riding a motorcycle, a lot like how we feel our lives go back compared to a universal scale. The speed represent the roads people travel back and forth. The feelings are broadcasted as the passing of time.
Terrifying Holes Compilation
Katharina Aae

4' 54'' | 2021 | Digital
United Kingdom
A transcendental meditation on withered trees struggling to be reborn. A fleeting glimpse into the seemingly trivial occurrences of daily life. A sheer ecstasy of physical intimacy viewed through celluloid films, in which the life of the emulsion is decaying: during the lockdown, film footages were “disinfected” by disinfectant, surface cleanser and hand sanitiser gel, specifically, household chemicals which were alleged to “kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses”, and which helped us prevent the spread of coronavirus. Returning images that have shapes to the shapeless, in the physical fragility of the cinematic medium, allows for the viewer’s hallucinatory perception of matter in a state of continual creation and dissolution. Through the evocation of the tension between transience and continuity, the film unfolds the dialectic of destruction and metamorphosis.

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