Analog Works!
9.5.2024 | Thursday | Salt Galata | 15:00
Why Are You Image Plus?
Diogo Baldaia
9' | 2023 | 16mm
Ima is a little girl who passed away too soon. Desperate to talk to her grandmother, she decides to possess a young boy. But an old spirit is interfering with her plans.

And So It Came About (A Tale of Consequential Dormancy)
Charlotte Pryce
13' | 2023 | 16mm 
United States

A mythological tale - the story of Persephone - is retold, recast and relocated on the periphery of a common. The entangled intrigues of the seen and the unseen conspire to disclose an underland at once enticing and threatening. But what are the consequences of such trespassing between worlds?
Damp Moss
Christopher Thompson
4' 22'' | 2023 | Super 8mm 
United States
Glittering illusions of vectorized providence attempt to emulate an inherited physical realm of diminishing significance.
In Littleness
Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu
8' 15'' | 2022 | 16mm
United States

The film was shot on a regular 8mm camera and is presented in unslit form as 16mm, a screening format commonly referred to as double 8mm.
When I first came into contact with this medium, I was deeply attracted by its miniature size. Eight millimeters is a very small space on which to store images. It reminds me of all kinds of things from childhood: ephemeral, wonderful, changeable. Recalling that as a child I spent most of my time with my nanny, I decided to zoom in on daily life, especially trivial household chores. At the same time, the particles and dust of the childhood world are magnified.
Here Are Some Images
Yannick Mosimann
6' 04'' | 2023 | 16mm
“Here are some Images” is an short film exploring the interplay between internal and external images, using hand-processed 16mm footage and musings on perception and memory.

Grain Cloud Atmosphere
Martin Moolhuijsen
6' 38'' | 2023 | Paint on 35mm
Many grains make a cloud. many clouds form an atmosphere. 120 meters of handpainted 35mm film were digitized as single pictures and fed into a self developed editing software that shuffles the individual images according to certain parameters such as painterly technique and color. the film is the result of one hour of improvisation with that software. grain cloud atmosphere explores the perception of time through the eye and through the ear.
Embers from Yesterday, Aflame
William Hong-xiao Wei
10' | 2023 | 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm
United Kingdom
A transcendental meditation on withered trees struggling to be reborn. A fleeting glimpse into the seemingly trivial occurrences of daily life. A sheer ecstasy of physical intimacy viewed through celluloid films, in which the life of the emulsion is decaying: during the lockdown, film footages were “disinfected” by disinfectant, surface cleanser and hand sanitiser gel, specifically, household chemicals which were alleged to “kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses”, and which helped us prevent the spread of coronavirus. Returning images that have shapes to the shapeless, in the physical fragility of the cinematic medium, allows for the viewer’s hallucinatory perception of matter in a state of continual creation and dissolution. Through the evocation of the tension between transience and continuity, the film unfolds the dialectic of destruction and metamorphosis.

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