Film Memory
8.5.2024 | Wednesday|Salt Galata|16:00
Light Leak
Nate Dorr
8' 20'' | 2021 | digital
United States

Light is information, a signal more lasting than recollection. If there’s anyone out there to receive the message.
Isolated in a sealed apartment, a lone observer regards an outside world become increasingly unreal or unreachable. Archaic illuminations, old slides and the pin-lights of the camera obscura, crawl across the walls. Connections fray. Time loses meaning. A science fictional essay film, or its inverse. A rumination on optics, memory, data, and endings.
There, Where She is Not
Sarah Ballard
7' | 2022 |16mm, digital
United States
Echos of a time in my grandmother's life that she no longer remembers—a fractured memory recollected through proxy figures Frances Farmer and Marguerite Duras—a mirror is a placeless place.
El Chinero, A Phantom Hill
Bani Khoshnoudi
11' 21'' | 2023 | 16mm
El Chinero is a rugged hill in the desert, 140 km south of Mexicali in the Baja California region of Mexico. Nobody knows since when it bears its name, but everyone has heard of a tragic episode that took place here in 1916… Or were there many such episodes? A few years after the Mexican Revolution of 1910, a massive exodus took place within the country, as deportations and violence targeted Chinese and Asian migrants who had settled in Mexico for many decades. Despite a lack of documentation about the site, it is thought that many people died here while crossing the desert from mainland Mexico. Myth and identity, reality and fiction, ghosts and memory. El Chinero can in some way be seen as a monument to the memory of these forgotten, anonymous people while not officially being one. A site of tragedy with no traces nor remnants to be seen. How can one fill this memory void with images and artifacts in an attempt to construct an archive where none exists?
Water and More Water
Francesca Svampa

6' 12'' | 2022 | 8mm
A dreamlike portrait of Barcelona, shot in double exposure on reversible 8mm film, is interwoven with an intimate “I remember” voice, creating a collage of memories à la Brainard and Pérec.
The director’s personal micro-memories, as a woman, filmmaker and immigrant, evoque the spirit of a time that may never return, constructing a communal heritage.

Idu Dani / Uploaded Memories
Igor M. Toholj
18' 27'' | 2023 | Super 8mm
An experiment that reinterprets memory and its manifestation articulated in film form through the method of visual automatism, defined in advance criteria derived from the parameters of each frame in the montage sequence. In the structure of the film, shots from the private archive, which contain fragments, alternating and varying memories of the author, while the synergy between man and algorithm creates their order.The film is structured from a series of frames that are automated and computer generated algorithm that makes their order. These are digitized Super 8 frames that are from personal archive of the author.. The footage covers a period of 25 years, and it was filmed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Europe and Africa.

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