8.5.2024 | Wednesday | HOPE Alkazar | 20:00
The History of The Civil War
Dziga Vertov
93' | 1921 | Digital 

"The History of the Civil War" is a documentary that captures the turbulent period of the Russian Civil War from 1917 to 1923, marked by unstable alliances and brutal violence. Directed by Dziga Vertov, the film provides a stark record of a country in chaos. Everywhere he goes, Vertov encounters devastation, ruined cities, and bodies strewn across the streets. It serves as a vivid testament to the individuals who changed the course of the 20th century, from street battles to trenches and military courts.

Dziga Vertov
Dziga Vertov is a pioneer avant-garde filmmaker, screenwriter, editor, and film theorist and is considered one of the most influential figures in shaping the cinema of the 20th century and the formation of cinematic language. Pushing the boundaries of cinema in his time, he ventured beyond classical narrative structures, presenting reality through visual experiences from a new perspective. Inspired by the dynamism of modernity and the idea of revolution, Vertov developed the theory of "Kino-Eye", emphasizing the potential of the camera to reveal realities beyond human perception. For Vertov, the camera is a tool capable of capturing hidden realities unseen by the human eye. Through works like "Man with a Movie Camera" and his experimental techniques in cinematography and editing, Vertov has been a source of inspiration for contemporary cinema and video art.

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