Essays #1
8.5.2024 | Wednesday | Salt Galata | 17:00
(Un)earthing - Plant Knowledge and Dreams
Louise Boer
8' 28'' | 2022 | Digital 
United Kingdom
'(Un)earthing - plant knowledge and dreams' is an ambient dream journey; recalling memories and personal stories of healing with plants.
A lot of the once common knowledge around medicinal plants has gone lost through the violent processes of capitalism, church and colonialism, disproportionately affecting women.
Therefore, remembering, reclaiming and sharing this knowledge is a personal as well as a political act. By meeting and using local, widely available plants, often labelled as ‘weeds’, we can take control over our own health, as well as the health of society and the environment in order to heal and re-enchant the world.
Parallel Botany
Magdalena Bermudez
11' 08'' | 2023 | 16mm, Digital 
United States
Still lives of real fruit meet botanical illustrations of plant galls to expose the paradox of dissection: each time we cut something in two, we merely create a new exterior.
Algorithms of Beauty
Miléna Trivier
20' | 2022 | Digital 
An experiment that reinterprets memory and its manifestation articulated in film form through the method of visual automatism, defined in advance criteria derived from the parameters of each frame in the montage sequence. In the structure of the film, shots from the private archive, which contain fragments, alternating and varying memories of the author, while the synergy between man and algorithm creates their order.The film is structured from a series of frames that are automated and computer generated algorithm that makes their order. These are digitized Super 8 frames that are from personal archive of the author.. The footage covers a period of 25 years, and it was filmed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Europe and Africa.

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