9.5.2024 | Sunday | Salt Galata | 16:00
I 2 Aye
Richard Philpott
56' | 2023 | 4k, 8mm, 16m
United Kingdom
The profusely-prize-winning prequel-equal-sequel to the
much-awarded, highly acclaimed feature filuminium
"i eye aye" 
Overcoming LIFE and DEATH,
Das Institut für den reinen Tor, Menschheim, Germany,
takes you “searching, exploring, constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing, post-construction, under-construction, over-destruction, counting, measuring etc.”
- with Dr Forschung (dismissed)
- Prof Suchen (in pseudonym)
- Fernando Pessoa (in 5 personas)
- James Joyce (in his multi-Finnegans)
* the emptiness of Personality
* the void of Identity
* the bliss of Unbecoming
* the joy of Patience
"It was life but was it fair?
It was free but was it art?
- James Joyce

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