12.5.2024 | Sunday  | Salt Galata | 14:30

Adventurous Sounds and Films
Panel by Serdar Kökçeoğlu
Researcher and filmmaker Serdar Kökçeoğlu's series 'Sound Cinema' (which he started with İlhan Mimaroğlu)  continues with "Sounds of the 20th Century: Usmanbaş," prepared in collaboration with Elif Dizdaroğlu. For his project, Kökçeoğlu pursued the 16mm animation "Out of Into,"  directed by the renowned artist Irving Kriesbergin in 1972 with music by composer Bülent Arel. 
Following the screening of this lesser-known psychedelic film, Serdar Kökçeoğlu will give a talk on the relationship between contemporary and electronic music composers such as Bülent Arel, İlhan Mimaroğlu, and İlhan Usmanbaş and cinema. He will closely examine experimental television films by Metin Erksan featuring music by Usmanbaş and Arel, as well as films such as "Kahramanın Sonu"  by Ara Güler, and "Satyricon" by Federico Fellini, which includes music by Mimaroğlu, to explore how avant-garde sounds have inspired filmmakers.

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