Animations #2
12.5.2024 | Sunday | HOPE Alkazar | 18:00
ABURIDASHI Assortment: Video Letters written in invisible ink.
Nonoho Suzuki
9' 24''| 2022 | Digital
This work is an experimental documentary animation by the traditional Japanese technique of "ABURIDASHI". And it's consists of three parts: Beginning, Middle, and End.
"Beginning" is a personal video made to celebrate my friend Hiratake-san. "Middle" is about Hiratake-san's anger at the government responses to the Great East Japan earthquake.
"End" is about the fear of war in which get involved individuals. This work depicts how my perspective changes from an individual to a nation over a period of 10 years.
Ruth Hayes
9' 24''| 2022 | Digital

The bells, or koudounia, that goats and sheep in Crete traditionally wore served as amulets to ward off evil spirits. Still in use, they also help shepherds know where their flocks are and what they are doing. Animated to a track composed of koudounia samples, this film’s abstract imagery originated in cameraless techniques that include stencil and bleach on 16mm color stock, and cyanotype.
Impulsive Purchases Through Aliexpress
José José Miguel Barriga
10' 57''| 2023 | Digital
Back from a honeymoon, a job layoff creates a chain of reactions that end up in impulsive purchases through Aliexpress. Trains of thought submerged in dispair go through topics such as mental health and financial inestability, potraying a journey that searches for closure, no matter the cost.
Nelson Fernandes
4' 10''| 2023 | Digital
Motus: a body in motion. A stop-motion animation where conception, degradation and regeneration cohabit in a unique way. A creation on a metal sheet using ethanol as the raw material.
The End of the World 
Ali Aschman
3'| 2023 | Digital
United Kingdom

How do we relate to the concept of climate catastrophe on a personal level? The filmmaker draws a parallel between various threats of climate change and her own visceral and emotional experience of grieving after an immense and sudden loss, questioning her capacity to care about humanity yet nonetheless showing a glimmer of hope for the future.
This Is a Story Without a Plan
Cassie Shao
7' 35'' | 2023 | Digital
United States

Two people, and an explosion.
What Humans Do
Miranda Javid
6' 40''| 2023 | Digital
United States
A macro view of human-actions, as told from within a singular body. Animated frame by frame with biodegradable ink + paper.

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