Essays #3
12.5.2024 | Pazar  | Salt Galata | 15:00
6000 Lies
Simon Rieth
5'| 2023 | France
It is the story of a detail that is missing, or that never existed. The image of a child we are looking for and trying to recreate. Thousands of lies to find the truth.
Antonio Arango Vázquez
12' 03'' | 2023 | Super 8; Digital
Apoptosis is a pathway of cell destruction or programmed cell death, and it's caused by the same organism. This happens when the cell is no longer needed or is damaged; we can say that the cell recognizes that "its time to die has come" and in this way stabilizes the functioning of the organism in which it habits.
Apoptosis is an audiovisual essay about the suicide.
The Empty Sphere
Stéphanie Roland
19' | 2022 | Mixed Media
United States
A woman in Kherson navigates the horrors and absurdities of daily life during Putin’s war on Ukraine. A short film adapted from Olena Astasieva’s personal accounts from the front lines.

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